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April-June programme

It’s time for the next programme! Here is the latest April-June programme for the Tuesday sessions:


We hope you can join us!


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Volunteers working in Ladywell Fields

Volunteers have been working on clearing the nettles on the river banks at Ladywell Fields! This is to make way for wild flowers to come up in the spring and summer. Some areas of nettles will be left for wildlife. If you would like to come along and help us, we will be working at Ladywell Fields by the cafe for the next two Tuesdays, meeting at 11am. Bring work boots and waterproofs!

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Volunteers work on clearing the backwater at Ladywell Fields

Volunteers have been clearing reeds from the backwater by the cafe at Ladywell Fields. We remove the reeds to maintain areas of open water for breeding. Species such as newts need these open water areas for mating. Of course, many of the reeds will be left to provide wildlife nesting areas and refuge for birds. This work needs to be done over the winter to minimise disturbance to wildlife and have the pond in top condition ready for next spring.