In this section you can find useful tools and resources to run sessions with your class on the river.  For further information or other resources, please contact us by emailing us.

Video Workshops        Background Information        Maps       Teachers Guides

Lesson Plans      Worksheets-KS1       Worksheets-KS2     Freshwater ID Sheets

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Video Workshops

How to run your own river related sessions

The River Ravensbourne journey

Health and Safety in the river

How to learn about rivers

Background Information

1 – Ravensbourne Background Info  (large file)

2 – The water cycle (ppt file) 

3 – Background to the London Borough of Lewisham (flooding)

4 – Lewisham’s Biodiversity Action Plan – Rivers (to follow)

5 – Old photos of Ladywell

6 – From first to second nature – A study of the River Ravensbourne in South east London

(A dissertation by Lawrence Beale Collins)

7 – Ravensbourne Sites for Long Profile

8 – Important vocabulary 

9 – River work risk assessment

10 – Briefing note for field study visit

11 – My visit to – Important information for pupils

12 – Facts about rivers

13 – Investigating rivers (ppt file with a glossary of important river terms)



Map 1 – Map of the river Quaggy

Map 2 – Map of the Ravensbourne catchment

Map 3 – Lewisham’s Big Green Map

Map 4  – Waterlink Way


Teachers Guides

Teachers guide 1  – A teacher’s guide to Pond/River Dipping

Teachers guide 2 – A teacher’s guide to causes of river pollution

Teachers guide 3A teacher’s guide to the effects of pH, 02 and temperature on water quality

Teachers guide 4 – A teachers guide – hydro-prop conversion chart 

Teachers guide 5 – A teachers guide to river studies

Teachers guide 6 – A teacher’s guide to pupil expectations and outcomes 

Explore Lewishams rivers
Explore Lewisham’s rivers with your class


Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan 1 – River wade & dipping 

Lesson Plan 2 – Investigating rivers

Lesson Plan 3 –  KS3 Biotic Index Study (to follow)

Lesson Plan 4 – River characteristics study

Lesson Plan 5 – River/Pond Dipping  

Lesson Plan 6  – Habitat studies

Lesson Plan 7 – Water Cycle


Worksheets KS1

Worksheet 1 – River water habitats 

Worksheet 2River minibeast recording sheet 

Worksheet 3 – River dipping animal report 

Worksheet 4 – The River Nile

Worksheet 10  – Habitats survey sheet (can also be used in KS2) 

Worksheet 11 – A habitat mapping exercise (can also be used in KS2)

Worksheet 12 River and water puzzles (can also be used in KS2)


Worksheets KS2

Worksheet 1 – A journey along the river Ravensbourne (measurements & wildlife)

Worksheet 2 – Rivers recording sheet (bedload)

Worksheet 3 – River data recording sheet – no field sketch (different sites)

Worksheet 4 – Biological Monitoring Working Party (BMWP) – with pictures 

Worksheet 5 – Freshwater recording sheet – with feeding levels 

Worksheet 6 – A journey along the river Ravensbourne (measurements [inc. bedload] & wildlife)

Worksheet 7 – Abiotic recording sheet 

Worksheet 8 – Sand tray experiment 

Worksheet 9 Investigating rivers using a variety of measurements (Including instructions) 

Worksheet 10  – Habitats survey sheet (can also be used in KS1)

Worksheet 11 – A habitat mapping exercise (can also be used in KS1)

Worksheet 12 – River and water puzzles (can also be used in KS1) 

Looking at the invertebrates of the Quaggy


Freshwater ID Sheets

Water Scorpion   Banded Demoiselle    Bullhead Chinese Mitten Crab   Dragonfly Nymph    Freshwater Hoglouse    Freshwater Leech    Freshwater Shrimp   Greater Water Boatman    Lesser Water Boatman    Pond Skater    Stone Loach    Swimming Mayfly Nymph    Three-spined Stickleback    Wandering Snail    Water Cricket    Water Measurer Water Mite


Other ID Sheets

Winter Tree ID Key

Butterflies of Lewisham

Invertebrate photo key

Other education websites that you may find useful

Leicester County Council – River Systems and Water Cycles

Field Studies Council – River Fieldwork

Exploring Earth – Observe changes in the channel of a meandering river

Exploring Earth – Observe how sediment is transported by flowing water.

Exploring Earth – Observe how sediments are deposited

Exploring Earth – Observe river erosion creating waterfalls and chasms

Lots of resources are available to download
Lots of resources are available to download


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