Testimonials and Feedback

We welcome feedback on our resources As we receive feedback and comments from schools using our resources we will make a note of them here.  If you have any feedback to give, please feel free to contact us.

We welcome feedback on our resources

“Holbeach pupils in Year 5 loved their walk in the River Ravensbourne. A great way to learn more about rivers and get out in the community.” (Anonymous) 

“I want to say a HUGE thank you for organising & running the river trip. When I spoke to the pupils and teachers about their visit they all responded very positively and it is clear they had loads of fun while learning at the same time!” (Teacher from Elmwood Primary School)

“Would have been interesting to talk about/investigate the local plants/flowers/vegetation growing near the river. And the birds living in the local landscape & along the river” (Anonymous) 

You can hire our resources for river dipping sessions
You can hire our resources for river dipping sessions

“Could be simplified for year 4. Good equipment available. Some of the vocabulary was a bit advance for year 4 pupils, but other than that everything was great! Lots of Fun! THANK YOU! Smiley face” (Year 4 Teacher from Elmwood Primary School)

“The session was very well planned and delivered. It was engaging and the children’s learning progressed in an enjoyable hands on learning. ” (St. Joseph’s Year 6 teacher)

“The 2 days were a huge success. Thanks you so much for your support. We hope to work with you again in the future.” (Year 7 Teacher, Knights Academy)

“Thank you! It was everything I needed and wanted. Point about an unpredictable environment was very good! People don’t realise children need some controlled risk to experience and assess for themselves.”  (Anonymous) 

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