Leading a Waterway Cleanup with Thames21

Thames 21 Essential Training Course

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Thame 21’s foundational course, called Leading a aterway Clean Up, is for people interested in learning more about waterways and why they are important.  The course contains everything you need to know to plan and run safe, effective and enjoyable waterway improvement events.

There is no obligation to actually run events once you have taken the course. Some take it simply for the learning experience.  But many do go on to assist our officers with Thames21-led events, and others lead events on their own with our support.  Their trainees have engaged in some exciting work over the years!

How is the training structured?

Leading a Waterway Cleanup is a 2-day

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course open to all, including those who may not have any prior experience with environmental issues or with working around water.  Thames 21 combines classroom sessions with volunteering so that you get the best possible learning experience. They also ask you to complete a small amount of written work.  Our course is certified by ncfe*, the national accrediting organisation and you will receive your ncfe certificate upon completion.  Having ncfe accreditation assures us that the content of our training is of a high standard and thoroughly prepares trainees to support and lead events on their own with confidence.

When do sessions take place?

Thames 21 schedules sessions throughout the year in east, west and central London.  Typically sessions are on weekends but there are some weekday sessions as well. Trainees must take Day 1 before Day 2 but do not need to take them in the same series.  For example, you can take the Day 1 session offered in April and then, because of other commitments, not take Day 2 until July.  Or September.  Sessions are meant to be flexible.

New Sessions have been scheduled for 2018! (all sessions 10am – 3pm)


Sat 14th Apr 2018, Dorset Wharf Community Hall, Fulham W6 9HN

Sat 9th June 2018, The Ragged School Museum, Mile End E3 4RR


Tues 6th Mar 2018, Thames21 Offices at Walbrook Wharf, City of London EC4R 3TD

Sat 28th Apr, Dorset Wharf Community Hall, Fulham W6 9HN

Sat 16th June 2018, The Ragged School Museum, Mile End E3 4RR

See the bottom of this page for details on how to register for sessions.

They also deliver our Leading a Waterway Cleanup course to local groups who wish to be trained together.   To schedule something for your group, please arrange for bespoke sessions with the Training Officer by emailing Thames 21. 

How can I use the benefits of the course?

Become an event support team member:

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The event support team is a team of volunteers who assist our project officers to run safe, effective, and fun events.

Become a badged group leader: With a Thames21 badge, Thames21 will support you running your own events.

How much does it cost?

The training is currently free for volunteers, with a Pricing Structure in place for volunteer managers and corporate groups. Please contact the Training Officer for more information

To Register:

You must complete an online Registration Form before you can take any trainings with Thames21.

1)  Click here to complete the Registration Form, selecting your preferred sessions and dates at the bottom of the form.

2)  If you have already registered with us and are interested in signing up for another session, please fill out a Bookings Form by clicking here

3)  Await confirmation from Training Officer.